Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Simplification is the ultimate sophistication

"Simplification is the ultimate sophistication." - Steve Jobs

After doing many software projects, I found out that I've always been trying to the same thing: Simplify unnecessarily complex designs. Not only to simplify the architecture design, but also to simplify the way we communicate the solution. Real masterpiece is like an art: Intuitively simple, while ultimately sophisticate.

This philosophy resonates well with SOA design principles. Good design encapsulates intrinsic complexities within its own boundary, while delivers promised capabilities through a very simple interface. Simplicity also fosters other key characteristics of a well-designed online system: reliability, scalability, performance, agility and manageability. 

Designing simple requires profound understanding of innate complexities. It’s a long but rewarding journey, that worth pursuing by every self-esteem designer.

This folder ( contains codes and documents of open source projects I've worked on. Every one of them embodies the same simplification spirit that I fully embrace.

Enjoy the beauty of simplicity!