Monday, October 31, 2011

The Essence of Multi-Tenancy

The Essence of Multi-Tenancy is Share Resource:
  • Share resource -> Share cost -> Low Cost per Tenant
  • Car model -> Bus model
There are two forces impact multi-tenancy design: Standardization & Isolation. We must achieve a balance between these two forces based on our particular situation, and achieve a right level of multi-tenancy design.

There are several related issues to multi-tenancy design:
  • Multi-Tenancy and Scale-Out
    • Multi-Tenancy: many small tenants share one computing resource
    • Scale-Out: one big tenants runs on a cluster of computing resources
    • Multi-Tenancy + Scale-Out: many tenants share a pool of clustered computers
  • Multi-Tenancy and Customization
    • Multi-Tenancy: sharing everything, similarity
    • Customization: flexibility, tailor to unique need
    • Multi-Tenancy + Customization: Balance

Cloud Computing Notes

About me:

I'm a Developer Evangelist in Microsoft, selling cloud computing technologies to our global software partners.

Personally, I believe in cloud computing and I'm confident in Microsoft cloud computing platform Azure. I had to admit that Azure is not perfect: many features are still missing or immature, and the developer experience on Azure is some times painful. So, I blog here to share experience we gained from real world Azure projects. Some experience may be applied to other cloud computing platforms as well.

In my spare time, I participate in open source projects: and, both of which are about how to use Azure to build cloud applications.

In a sense, I'm lucky that I'm doing a job I like, and I'm selling things I really believe to the people I love.